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     Whether you're creating a new presence on the internet or expanding your current electronic marketing efforts, you can't afford to miss out on this free travel marketing service.

    • Virginia.org is used by more than 500,000 visitors per month all with an expressed interest in Virginia travel. These visitors log on from all over Virginia, the US and the world.The system is backed by VTC's multi-million dollar advertising campaign promoting the Virginia.org address and drawing users to the site. There is a plentitude of information on the web. Make it easier for travelers, travel agents and meeting planners to find you by listing on Virginia.org.
    • While it is free for you to have a listing on Virginia.org we do ask that you keep the information up-to-date with our Administration Tool!

    If you are a regional or local tourism office, make sure you're using your free listings on Virginia.org to its full potential. Listed should be accommodations, special events, attractions, shops, restaurants, recreational activities and whatever tourism assets your part of the state has to offer. An unlimited number of listings can be created in your area, so use your marketing imagination. You can take advantage of our Data Sharing opportunity as well. We can send your listings back to your website. This way, you are only maintaining your listing information in one place.

    Virginia.org is often the first stop in Virginia travel planning, use it to tease visitors to your website. Click here to get started.

    Submit a Getaway!

     Help us give consumers the quick, interesting overview of your area they want, and drive traffic to your Virginia.org listings and to your area. Go to www.Virginia.org for examples of getaways. For help with Getaways please contact Mary Bishop, Digital Marketing Manager, at mbishop@virginia.org or 804-545-5556. Get more information on how to submit a getaway here.

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    Get highly targeted click thrus to your website and differentiate your business on Virginia.org. Get more information.