What is GO Virginia?

A bipartisan, business-led, game-changing initiative … that will provide a new framework for strengthening the economy in each Virginia region … through enhanced collaboration by business, education, and local government … that is incentivized and encouraged by the State.

Why is GO Virginia needed?

For the first time in a half-century, Virginia is trailing the nation in economic recovery and job creation. Steep cutbacks in defense and other federal programs have exposed Virginia’s over-dependence on public-sector and government-contractor jobs. Virginia urgently needs strong private-sector growth and a more diversified economy.

What is the structure of GO Virginia?

The Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board is the state-wide oversight group for the GO Virginia initiative. There are nine Regional Councils that will work at the regional level to develop strategies and project plans to grow Virginia’s economy. The Regional Councils will submit recommended projects to the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board for approval and funding.

How can Virginia’s tourism industry
be involved with GO Virginia?

Virginia travel industry partners are encouraged to engage with their GO Virginia Regional Councils.
Think bold initiatives! Projects could include the development of an eco-lodge and resort to compliment outdoor recreation; or development and recruitment of industry clusters that compliment a region’s tourism assets (example: Spearhead Trail and an ATV manufacturer in Southwest Virginia).
All proposed projects should have significant economic impact and job creation.


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