• Tourist Information Center Certification

    Criteria for Certified Tourist Information Centers

    These criteria provide for the recognition and support of the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) to Certified Tourist Information Centers (CTIC)

    Certified Tourist Information Center (CTIC)
    • The requirements are effective September 1, 2010. Any center that is certified prior to the effective date of these requirements will be "grandfathered" into the program until the facility closes, relocates or fails to comply with the criteria under which it originally qualified.
    • The Certified Tourist Information Center (the "CTIC") must be open year-round a minimum of five (5) days per week, two of which should be Saturday and Sunday.
    • Private businesses, attractions or other non-public entities are not qualified for certification unless they meet the criteria in item 4. Below.
    • The CTIC must be:
      • Owned, operated or contracted by either:
        • A public entity (e.g. county, incorporated city, chamber of commerce, publicly elected or appointed board, etc.)


      • Supported by a local visitor bureau, governing body, or visitors bureau which has jurisdiction over the locality in which the CTIC is located. The CTIC must obtain a letter of support from the supporting entity.
    • The CTIC applicant must provide VTC a business plan demonstrating its ability to sustain long-term the operations of the proposed Center.
    • The CTIC must be located in a convenient and accessible location for the ease of travelers. VTC will consider the location of the proposed CTIC relative to other nearby certified centers to avoid confusing the traveler.
    • The CTIC must have access to parking areas and restroom facilities to accommodate visitors. There must be adequate restroom facilities for visitors, including accessible facilities for persons with disabilities.
    • The CTIC must comply with all applicable laws concerning the provision of public accommodations without regard to age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, or accessibility by the physically impaired.
    • To qualify for highway signage, the CTIC must conform to the “Minimum Required Services for Supplemental Guide Signs” under VDOT’s supplemental signage program. It is the CTIC’s responsibility to request signage through VDOT. It is the CTIC’s financial responsibility for the cost of fabrication, installation and all future maintenance once approved for highway directional signage through VDOT.
    • Any directional signs placed by the CTIC’s governing entity must clearly lead to the CTIC, and the CTIC itself must have a clearly visible exterior sign. All signage is the responsibility of the entity operating the facility. Any directional signage must comply with any federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.
    • The CTIC must display a variety of brochures and other literature providing information on destinations, attractions, localities, events, shopping, dining establishments and accommodations within the area/region the CTIC represents.
    • The CTIC must display a variety of brochures or other literature on destinations, attractions, events, accommodations, localities and shopping across the state. The display should include at least one brochure or other piece of literature from all other CTICs. It is the responsibility of the CTIC to obtain this literature from the appropriate CTIC.
    • The CTIC must display the Virginia Travel Guide provided by VTC and the Virginia Map provided by VDOT.


    • CTICs will receive one (1) free 4"x9" brochure display at all Virginia highway Welcome Centers, currently eleven (11). The brochure must represent the CTIC’s community and/or region and cannot be for a singular attraction, accommodation, eating establishment, event, etc.
    • When available, VTC will provide limited bulk quantities of:
      • Virginia Travel Guide
      • Virginia Golf Guide
      • Virginia Civil War Newspaper
    • When available, VDOT will provide annual bulk supply of the state highway maps.
    • CTICs will receive a free basic listing as a tourist/visitor information center in the Virginia Travel Guide.  
    • CTICs are encouraged to participate in VTC’s annual seminar and FAM tour conducted specifically for CTICs and state Welcome Centers.
    • Other services and assistance provided by the VTC as listed on the website www.vatc.org.

    Download Application for Certified Tourist Information Center

    For additional information regarding this program, please contact Val Guffy at vguffy@virginia.org or 804.545.5588.