• LOVEwork Reimbursement Program Application

    LOVEwork Reimbursement Requirements & guidelines:

    • This is a one-time reimbursement fund, available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • This opportunity is geared towards family-friendly tourism destinations and is open to local tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, attractions, DMOs and localities to apply.
    • Past LOVE creation reimbursement fund recipients/destinations/localities are not eligible to apply.
    • The LOVEwork must be permanent in highly-visible, well-trafficked areas (indoor or outdoor) that experiences high visitation and can be easily and SAFELY photographed and shared on social media. 
    • The proposed LOVEwork needs to be large – big enough for an adult to stand beside for a photo!
    • Projects should promote or incorporate local/regional themes, materials or items that are unique selling points for the destination (i.e. seashells for beaches, murals for historic downtowns, canoe paddles for outdoor adventure, etc.)
    • The project applicant assumes all responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the LOVEwork and agrees to secure any necessary permits or permissions for constructions/creations.
    • Applicants cannot charge a separate fee to access the LOVEwork but it is acceptable to host the LOVE creation/artwork at a tourism destination that requires a fee (i.e. Mount Vernon, Monticello, Busch Gardens, etc.)
    • Once the LOVEwork is built, it should remain in place for a minimum of a year after its placement. Should it become necessary for the LOVEwork to be removed from its location site, the Applicant should notify VTC of its removal. 
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    *Describe how you will promote the LOVEwork to encourage families and visitors to take their picture and share the LOVE.


    * How will the LOVEwork support tourism in your area?


    *Does this location appeal to family travelers and allow for photo ops?


    *Is this location highly visible and experience significant visitation daily?


    * Does your organization accept responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the LOVEwork?


    * Does your organization accept liability for the LOVEwork?


    * If there are permits or permissions required for this location will your organization apply for and receive?


    * Do you agree to use the VTC's direction on artistic style including fonts, materials, messaging, logo usage and marketing?


    * What are the estimated costs of this project?


    ** Please submit a sketch of the artwork along with a photo of the proposed location to lnorment@virginia.org after submitting your application.