• Virginia Excise Tax Rates and Collections

    Virginia excise tax collections and rates for transient occupancy, meals and admissions are reported by fiscal year by the Auditor of Public Accounts and the UVA Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. Transient Occupancy Excise Tax Collected, Meals Excise Tax Collected, and Admissions Excise Tax Collected represent the local excise tax collections for transient occupancy, meals and admissions, respectively, if applicable in the locality. Incorporated towns within a county may also impose a separate excise tax. Transient Occupancy Excise Tax Rate, Meals Excise Tax Rate, and Admissions Tax Rate show the local excise tax rates (if applicable) for transient occupancy, meals, and admissions as of the most recent fiscal year. These rates are typically for July-to-June fiscal years, not calendar years. The tax rates shown are only for the county or city listed. Incorporated towns may impose a separate tax rate.


    Virginia Excise Tax Report - (PDF)

    Explanation of Excise Taxes - (word doc)

    2015 Virginia Tax Rates Table - (excel)