• Marketing

    The marketing department at VTC includes Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, International, Group Tour, Meetings, Creative Services, Consumer Services and Promotions.

    Tourism Marketing is an investment for the state. 

    VTC develops and implements strategies and tactics for Virginia’s tourism industry to leverage their limited budgets so they can market their tourism assets more widely and effectively. For communities in economically-distressed areas, VTC is the  only resource for marketing their tourism products on a national and international scale. 

    How to get involved

    Virginia is for Lovers is an internationally renowned travel brand. In addition to being an American icon, it’s been inducted to the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. This notoriety can help provide a lot of attention.

    One of Virginia Tourism’s most important goals is to help the state’s travel industry succeed. We’ve created a variety of programs aimed at providing solutions to real challenges our industry partners face. Follow the links below to get detail on how you can get on board with Virginia is for Lovers and all of VTC’s powerful industry partner programs.