• Marketing

    The marketing department at VTC includes Advertising, Public Relations, Electronic Marketing, International, Group Tour, Meetings, Creative Services and Promotions.

    Tourism Marketing is an investment for the state. 

    VTC develops and implements strategies and tactics for Virginia’s tourism industry to leverage their limited budgets so they can market their tourism assets more widely and effectively. For communities in economically-distressed areas, VTC is the  only resource for marketing their tourism products on a national and international scale. VTC works in collaboration with Virginia’s tourism industry to:


    1. Strengthen Virginia's competitive position in national and international travel and tourism markets


    2. Increase tourism market share and annual visitor spending in Virginia


    3. Provide dynamic, innovative and research-based marketing programs that are cost-effective, performance-driven and provide a proven return-on-investment


    4. Leverage funds at least 3:1 through cooperative marketing programs


    5. Assist communities in tourism development, tourism planning and capital access


    6. Prepare Virginia’s tourism workforce for the future


    7. Increase the number of television, video and film projects in Virginia