• Print Advertising Proposal Requirements

    Thank you for your interest in promoting Virginia Tourism.

    We look forward to learning more about how you can assist us in generating more tourists, spending more money and staying longer in Virginia.

    Listed below are some helpful hints as to how we evaluate marketing proposals.

    We hope this information will provide insight into submitting your materials.

    STEP 1: The Proposal

    As a state agency, VTC requires all proposals to be submitted in writing.

    STEP 2: Matching our Strategy

    Please list how your marketing plan complements our marketing strategies listed in the Virginia Tourism marketing plan.  FY17 Virginia is for Lovers Marketing Plan

    STEP 3: Leveraging Technology & Partnerships

    Please list what other corporate or industry partners you will bring to the table to leverage our marketing dollars. Please indicate how corporate partner’s marketing goals coincide with our goals as indicated in the marketing plan and how you intend to approach the corporate partner. We are on an extremely tight budget this year and all proposals must include leveraging our monies for further value.

    For example, if you are proposing a campaign at a cost to VTC of $10,000 – what other partners will also contribute that amount for a campaign totaling $30,000. We expect at least a 3-1 ratio on our investment.

    Proposals that leverage our marketing dollars the most, in addition to providing added-value will be scored the highest for consideration such as reprints, promotions, e-zines, database lists, editorial, advertorial, etc, please highlight in your proposal.

    • How will you prove that your proposal will be successful in attracting tourists to Virginia?
    • What tracking methods and conversion, if applicable, do you implement as a part of your services?
    • If you offer a “pay-per-inquiry”, please note in the proposal.

    This is extremely important – if you cannot prove that your campaign has generated qualified leads and/or tourists, please refrain from sending a proposal.

    Again, thank you for your interest in Virginia Tourism.

    We look forward to reading your proposal in the near future. Feel free to send it via e-mail to lnorment@virginia.org or use snail-mail at Virginia Tourism Corporation, 901 East Cary St. Richmond, VA 23219