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    Let us know what is new in your area!

    Each year, the Marketing department compiles What's New, a compilation of new, renovated or expanded attractions, accommodations, meetings spaces, sports venues and travel services opening in Virginia.

    What’s New will cover new openings and will be:

    • Sent to Travel and Trade Media
    • Displayed in the "What’s New" feature on Virginia Tourism trade websites, www.Virginia.org/groups; www.Virginia.org/meetings and www.Virginia.org/sports. Virginia.org receives 12 million unique visitors per year.
    • Promoted at National conventions and trade shows for groups, meetings and sports marketing
    • Presented on Profile Sheets to trade industry at national conventions and regional trade shows

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    Reminder: When your business or project is open or completed, be sure to add it to Virginia.org as a listing. For more information on using the Administration Tool see the instruction manual here. You can also contact Robin Mamunes at 804-545-5545 or rmamunes@virginia.org.


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