• Advertising and Brand Management

    The Advertising and Brand Management division under Marketing develops and promotes Virginia tourism through the use of media including print, broadcast, outdoor and web-based venues. The consumer media plan targets frequent travelers within markets that provide the highest potential number of visitors to Virginia.

    The Advertising division also helps to promote Virginia to group travel planners/tour operators and to meeting/convention planners.

    Whether you are a multi-million dollar resort or a small bed and breakfast, we have worked tirelessly to develop marketing opportunities to help you attract new visitors. You will find a diverse range of marketing opportunities ranging from national television spots to in-state advertising.

    Virginia is for Lovers Brand Vision 

    VTC Industry Advertising Program

    Download the PDF to find a wealth of advertising opportunities to help you succeed in reaching more consumers in an efficient, effective way.

    Travel Guide Advertising

    The guide is the VTC’s primary consumer fulfillment piece, published each year in December. 

    Advertise in Virginia's eNewsletter

    Affordable opportunities to promote your tourism business and events in the Virginia eNewsletter.

    Advertise on Virginia.org

    Get highly targeted click thrus to your website and differentiate your business on Virginia.org.

    Advertise in our Welcome Centers

    Get your message in front of the travelers who stop in at our 11 Welcome Centers on the entrances to Virginia.